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The inspiration for DAT does the Trick was born in the summer of 2006 during a family vacation to Disney World in Orlando. Following several days of laughter and excitement (and occasional apprehension while standing in line for a particularly daunting ride), David and his wife and kids decided to keep their feet on the ground and do some shopping in Downtown Disney.

Accompanied by bags, boxes, and the relentless din of “Daddy, can I have… please, please, please,” they persisted in their determination to visit every merchant one by one. All of a sudden--among the chaotic swiping of credit cards, scribbling of checks, and progressively increasing stress levels--the flow of indistinguishable shops came to an abrupt halt. The voices of his kids and his wife, Stacy, seemed to disappear, the bags mysteriously became lighter, and the intoxicating aroma of incense and luster of fine mahogany filled the air. They had entered a magic store.

Instantly, the three-decade-old thrill of spending his childhood allowance at the “Fun Shop” in downtown Shreveport flooded his memory. David raced to meet the man behind the counter with childlike innocence and eager anticipation. He was thrilled that he was about to witness a cups and balls routine from a master! As his wife and kids begged him to leave, David primed himself to be amazed and intrigued, and he subconsciously began to rethink his credit card limits. After renewing his passion, ambition, and enthusiasm for magic, David proudly strutted through the remaining stores, grinning from ear to ear and clutching one single, but very large, bag of magic.

After months of practice, rehearsal, and preparation, David founded DAT does the Trick with the full support of his family and a pocketful of tricks. He looks forward to bringing people the same childlike innocence, amazement, and ear-to-ear grin that he experienced all those years ago in that fragrant and exquisite shop.

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